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Planning is the first step in the video production process and vital to the quality and cost of the project. Outlining a video from script to storyboarding prevents any confusion or delays in the production phase. Cut ‘N’ Run offers script development with professional scripting software and expertise in adapting to any subject terminology. Through comprehensive story boarding we will provide a visual foundation that will act as a map for the production team to reference and work from quickly.
Talent and props are sometimes a necessity depending on the budget and features of a production. A client may chose to supply their own materials and actors or inquire on prices through our list of professional actors, talent agencies, voice over specialists, and props suppliers.


Cut ‘N’ Run Studios offers every element to the production phase. Our HD state of the art cameras capture at 1080p quality and offer versatility in shooting different subjects and environments. The studio equips a green screen, in house lighting, soft banks, and portable lighting kits. This ensures proper set up for green screen shooting and various single or multiple subject lighting situations.

Audio recording is a production value that is just as important as the video quality. Our precise recording microphones and devices guarantee that all audio captured is as sharp as the video laid over it. Cut ‘N’ Run also extends to audio only productions such as: bands, voice over, and radio commercials.


Our advanced editing software exports projects into low compressed, versatile formats. Once the project is completed, Cut ‘N’ Run does not send out an unapproved draft. We send our clients video links with initutive questionnaires so your project is completed to your expectations and goals. After our client approves a video, we offer a variety of media distribution options such as: DVD, Blu Ray, Powerpoint, and various online formats. Whatever your project specifications and needs are, Cut ‘N’ Run will meet with professionalism and flexibility.